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About Monami

Hi my name is Monami. I'm a Tattooed Vegan mom of 2 and a young entrepreneur!  I have been a social media creator for the past 8 years. In this time I have built 3 successful businesses. I have also managed to get pretty covered in tattoos which I love. 

​I'm passionate about Vegan food and cooking for my family when I get the time.

I have been creating videos sharing my life on YouTube but I want to get more personal and connect to people that truly care! 

I became a mom at 15 and my oldest daughter Gabby is my little best friend and now just 2 years ago I became a mom of 2 when little Neo was born!

Nothing means more to me than being a mom and it's the biggest part of my life. I am nothing without my kids or my husband!


Always and forever beating stereotypes about teen moms and tattooed parents.


Being passionate about streetwear and design led me to start my clothing brand The Frost Wear.

I get to design the clothing I want to wear and share it with others!

It's a dream come true to see someone across the street or in an airport or anywhere for that matter, wearing your clothing piece that you designed with so much love!

It all started in 2017 and we just celebrated 4 years. It has been an incredible journey.

And even after all these years I get so excited to see orders going out to someone that somewhere in the world thought the clothing is something they want to wear! Blows my mind to this day.

Starting with YouTube recipe videos , following a publishing of my Vegan Cookbook, I couldn't stop there! I wanted to share the badass Vegan food with more people and show how incredibly amazing it can be, so people choose plant based!

Putting all our family savings in opening a restaurant was not what we planned but it has been a wild ride and I'm so incredibly grateful for all the support we have received from our incredible customers and the people we have met along the way. 

Of course the knowledge and experience is irreplaceable.

Frost Burgers opened the doors in Nov. 2018 and we are still here after many unfortunate events and we are expanding with now 2 locations.

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